Client Acquisition Engine Live Webinar Replay – Lead Generation in a virtual world

client acquisition for financial advisors

2020 Was everything we didn’t expect, and many advisors plunged into turmoil, unable to implement the 1985 client acquisition tactics we know all too well. Reality check: these traditional tactics have been obsolete for a long time, and the brick-and-mortar advisor is dead.

traditional client acquisition for financial advisors involved cold calling

Becoming an advisor of the future

It’s obvious; client acquisition for financial advisors will never remain fixed, nor is there a one size fits all way of doing things. As an advisor, you also don’t want to apply the same tactics as other advisors because your ideal client is different from other advisors. 

What’s a Client Acquisition Engine?

When it comes down to it, client acquisition for financial advisors in the digital age comes down to the reallocation of money you’re already spending to increase revenue while drastically reducing overhead exponentially – it’s that simple.

Watch the webinar replay how you can use this tactic to become an advisor of the future.

If you want to learn more about becoming an advisor of the future then our virtual advisor proclamation ebook is a good place to start!

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Lead Generation for Financial Advisors – Webinar Replay

I have learned that Lead Generation for Financial Advisors is a tricky thing.

After being asked by countless financial advisors how I bring in new clients all while working virtually I knew I was on to something.  Thus, I created the InboundSalesMachine webinar to share my journey as a virtual advisor and what I created to help advisors generate inbound leads without every having to cold call or meet in person again.

Inbound Sales Machine Lead Generation

Lead generation for financial advisors

Join me as I share my virtual journey with almost 100 advisors from around the world for this second live event.  I talk about what I learned the hard way, the myths I busted as I built my virtual business, how I made 7 figures working virtually, and hold a live Q&A at the end!

The Inbound Sales Machine webinar replay takes a deep dive into my journey, covers inbound lead generation, and why I created The Virtual Advisor System for advisors to dominate in our digital world.

Watch the entire replay and if can tell me what area of the country I recorded this event I will extend you the special offer from the webinar, just send me a note and I will make it happen!


Derek Notman