Virtual Advisor System

Who is The Virtual Advisor System™ for?

This system is for financial advisors, registered representatives, and life insurance agents that range from independent RIA’s to IAR’s & B/D affiliations and captive agents who are looking to exponentially increase their income while drastically reducing their overhead by embracing the virtual or semi-virtual model to dominate in the digital world we live in while living the life of their dreams.  It is also for Recruiters looking to grow their teams with a turn-key training solution at a fraction of the cost of what they have been using.

Who this system is NOT for?

If you think that clients will never work with and buy from you virtually, even though they buy almost everything else online, then this is not for you. If you expect it will be “easy” to build or transition your business into a virtual powerhouse without putting in real effort, then this is not for you. If you are looking for a band aid as a quick-fix to an already failing business then this is not for you.

Will the System work for my situation?

The System is Agnostic.  Think of it as your master blueprint, allowing you to learn and customize as you wish.  It is already being used by everyone from captive life insurance agents at large mutual life insurance companies to fully independent advisors and everyone in between.  You get to learn everything you need and then customize it all based upon your particular situation.  Virtually anyone can embrace the system!

Do I need to go entirely virtual?

No, not at all! This system is customizable and scalable to fit your comfort level and current business model. You can scale it up or down based upon your needs and always make changes in the future as you get more comfortable. If you are unsure, the easy way to transition is to start servicing your existing clients virtually, it is a great way to learn all the nuances of working virtually.

Is this system only for new financial professionals?

Certainly not. I ran a traditional brick & mortar business for 8 years before making the transition to a virtual business.

Do I need to travel to work as a virtual advisor?

No. Although I travel extensively each year for fun, and work while doing it, it does not mean that you must. You can just as easily work from your home, a small office, co-working space, or even a local coffee shop. The real value of this system is that it gives you great flexibility and more time to work with more people. You can get more done in less time. I choose to use my extra time to travel and spend time with my family, all while knowing I can grow and manage my business from anywhere. What you choose to do with your extra time is up to you!

Is it expensive to set up a virtual business?

Although you still need to spend money to set up and run a virtual business it is drastically less than what you currently are or would spend on the traditional model. Derek was able to reduce his overhead expenses by over ~61% in adopting the virtual business model.

Why is The Virtual Advisor System™ less expensive than other systems and coaching programs?

By embracing a “virtual” mindset, Conneqtor was built using entirely virtual resources, thus the initial and ongoing operating expenses for Conneqtor – The Virtual Advisor System™ are less expensive which we pass on to you through a more competitive price.

Am I being shipped a physical product?

The entire system and course materials are offered as a digital product so you will not receive anything in the mail. Once you enroll you will be given direct, 24/7 access and instructions on how to get started right away.

How quickly can I expect results?

If you work hard, follow the system, and get out of your own way you can see results in as little as 30-60 days, but to truly learn and implement everything you are taught you should expect to invest 4-6 months to get the most out of the system.

Is this a coaching program, will I have access to Derek?

I have designed the system to be virtually 100% DIY.  There is a ton of “coaching” in the system but Derek will not be conducting ongoing coaching of advisors.  Derek has put everything you will need to start, run, grow, and market a successful business into the System to thrive in the digital world we live in.  Derek and his team continue to test and update the System with new content and strategies after proving they work.  Derek will be available via email and involved in the private LinkedIn group to go over anything that comes up as you build your virtual practice.

I am not located in the USA, can I still use your system?

Yes!  We already have advisors in the USA, Canada, South Africa, and India using the system.  Although there may be some small tweaks depending on your country, tech, compliance, etc. the system was designed in a way where it can be used in virtually any environment.