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Conneqtor is a proven step-by-step system showing you exactly how to run and market your business in the digital world we live in.  Learn turn-key lead generation, digital marketing, and practice management strategies that will empower you to capitalize on your expertise as an advisor.

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This is the motivation & inspiration you have been looking for….

Advisors from companies like LPL, Edward Jones, New York Life, Mass Mutual, Canada Life Insurance Company, Sanlam, and a variety of fully independent RIA’s and IAR’s are already leveraging The Virtual Advisor System, now it’s your turn.


The Virtual Advisor System is a proven method that will show you how to start or transform your practice into a virtual powerhouse, allowing you to acquire and work with your ideal client from virtually anywhere. Whether you are just starting out as a financial professional or want to transition your brick and mortar business into a digital office, this system is EXACTLY what you need.

Advisors from the USA, Canada, South Africa, and India are already leveraging The Virtual Advisor System.

Join our fast growing group of forward thinking NextGen Financial Advisor entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping their clients while building the business of their dreams.


The Virtual Advisor System is a turn-key system designed to teach financial advisors how to build a virtual or semi-virtual financial & insurance practice that will empower you to:

  • Virtual Advisor SystemExponentially grow your revenues (make more money) while effectively managing risk (reduce your overhead)
  • Virtual Advisor SystemBecome a digital marketing ninja to find and work with bigger and more ideal clients through predictable lead generation
  • Virtual Advisor SystemWork from anywhere while expanding your reach
  • Virtual Advisor SystemLeverage your time & money to increase effectiveness while having an awesome life/work balance.
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Are you tired of the following?

  • Virtual Advisor SystemWeekly phone clinics to “dial for dollars” attempting to set
    appointments with cold leads?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemHosting free steak dinners and cheesy seminars?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemWasting countless hours driving tens of thousands of miles a year?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemHaving to meet with potential clients in their home at night?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemNot having a predictable lead generation system?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemPaying high overhead for office space and staff?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemMissing special moments with your family?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemNot making the money you thought you would?

If you are tired of doing things like it’s still 1985, then it is time to make a change and join fellow entrepreneurs in the virtual movement of the future.

Meet your Virtual Instructor

Derek Notman

Derek Notman is an actively practicing Virtual Certified Financial Planner®, Founder of Intrepid Wealth Partners, a lifetime MDRT member, and was named as the Leading New Advisor for the State of Vermont in 2006.  Since 2014 Derek has run an MDRT* Court of the Table financial practice, almost 100% virtually.  He is one of the pioneers of the Virtual Model for financial advisors.

Derek has been featured on numerous podcasts like the Financial Advisor Success Podcast with Michael Kitces, was named to InBusiness Magazine’s 40 under 40 class of 2019 where his business experience and world travels were compared to that of “The World’s Most Interesting Man” (Dos Equis’ ad campaign). He was also featured for the “Know Your Madisonian” Wisconsin State Journal 2017 edition.  Derek has presented to thousands of advisors and personally helped hundreds go virtual.

Derek is also the creator of tribeofluxury.com a financial education blogging site built specifically to market to his ideal clients.

In his free time Derek loves to travel all over the world, having accumulated almost 1 million miles on Delta Air Lines alone in the last 5 years. He loves spending time with his wife, son, and rescue dog who is from Beirut, Lebanon, working on his 1965 Ford Mustang, driving super cars on a professional track, and surfing.

A Note From Our Founder

I transitioned my brick & mortar business, Intrepid Wealth Partners, to a virtual practice in 2013 when the industry barely recognized the  concept. Little did I know that it would be a game changer for me, my family, and my clients. I have had the privilege of working with clients from coast to coast and doing so even while on trips to South Africa, Japan (even on the Bullet Train!), Ireland, Mexico, and so on.

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I started blogging in 2016 as one of my primary marketing strategies. Since then my blog, Tribe of Luxury, has materially contributed to acquiring new clients, all over the country, while I spend time with my family, travel, and even while I am sleeping.

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tribe of luxury


Virtual advisor system

Aaron Klein, Co-Founder and CEO at Riskalyze

Virtual advisor system

Derek was leading the 'virtual advisor' wave before COVID forced everyone to learn it.

Virtual advisor system

Mark Pfaff, Executive Vice President for a Fortune 100 Financial Services Company (Retired)

Virtual advisor system

"I have known and watched Derek since his earliest days as a financial professional. In my 30 years in the industry I have never seen anyone do what Derek has done... NEVER! Derek has started, changed and grown his operation to a high-level producer, from "scratch", three times! Three!

I am excited to have discussed this system with Derek and to have provided some input along the way as he has developed Conneqtor. I think we all know virtual sales is where financial services need to go as we move further into the 21st Century. Derek provides both the road map towards that destination, as well as "proof-positive" that it works.“

Virtual advisor system

Mike Ruff, CFP, CPA

Virtual advisor system

Derek’s obvious life of exceptional success in financial planning makes the Virtual Advisor System loaded with actionable information. As seen through the filter of 43 years as a CPA and 30 years as a CFP this system is excellent for virtual advisors as well as brick and mortar advisors.

Virtual advisor system

Matt Kaplan, Partner at Standpoint Funds

Virtual advisor system

“At first I was a bit sceptical of the concept of a virtual financial advisor. I figured that it would be a real challenge to get individuals to accept financial advice without meeting with an advisor. After speaking with Derek, and learning more about Conneqtor, I realized I kept getting stuck in the “how things are” vs. “how they should be”. The consumer is already comfortable doing everything from their dating to their banking online, so it is only natural that they are ready to work with advisors in a virtual manner. The beautiful thing about virtual advice is that you will be partnering up with individuals that want to be helped virtually. By simply matching your advice to the needs and desires of your clients, you can create a win/win scenario. The virtual model empowers advisors to be where and what their clients want”

Virtual advisor system

Kristin Stutz, Financial Services Professional

Virtual advisor system

“The strategies you provided go deeper into truly becoming a credible source in the virtual world versus simply having a social presence. While Conneqtor does take diligence and will certainly force many out of their comfort zones (myself included) it has the ability to be a true differentiator for any agent utilizing the system and will set them apart from both the brick and mortar and kitchen table agents. There is no question this is a form of communication clients are hungry for and the impact the Conneqtor has can change the lives of the clients who embrace it as well as the lives of the agents.”

Virtual advisor system

Jessica Durand, M.A. Financial Services Professional

Virtual advisor system

"In my time as a financial professional, I have never encountered a teacher like Derek Notman. Our industry can be so impersonal, so numbers driven. I believe that many of our counterparts leave the business because their work is not life driven. That disconnect can be maddening. One major thing that Derek understands and teaches, is that in order to be a good advisor there is an amount of internal work that needs to happen first. With Connector, I now have specific tools, and specific strategies that align with how I’ve always wanted to do my work - from my heart."

Virtual advisor system

Greg Thomas, Financial Advisor

Virtual advisor system

“I’ve learned a great deal in a short time and believe fully that this approach has the potential to be a “game-changer” in this industry. Not just a game-changer but the absolute future of what we know now to be financial services.”


  • Virtual Advisor SystemWhere do I start?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemWill my current clients be OK working virtually with me?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemDo I have to work 100% virtually?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemWhat infrastructure will I need to be a virtual advisor?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemHow do I market my business online?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemHow do I build a virtual team of support staff?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemIs working virtually ok with my compliance department?
  • Virtual Advisor SystemDoes working virtual mean I need to change my sales process?
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Are these questions going through
your mind right now?

Yes?  I’m not surprised, but no worries.
The Virtual Advisor System™ is result of 6+ years of research and trial & error that answers all of these questions and more.  You get to learn what has been proven to work and implement it with your own style.

What you get with The Virtual Advisor System™

The Virtual Advisor System™ is a tried & tested, comprehensive system built to show you EXACTLY (step-by-step) how
to start or transition your financial practice into a virtual powerhouse that will help you acquire and service clients in a digital world.

The Virtual Advisor System™ shows you how to get more clients, make more money, save time, reduce your overhead, all while pursuing your own your own hopes, dreams and goals.

Clear. Straightforward. Simple.

The Virtual Advisor System is comprehensive and builds upon itself, empowering you to learn everything you need to know to dominate in a digital world and will teach you how to:

  • Virtual Advisor SystemDefine your “why”. Without this solid foundation the rest of your financial practice can crumble at any time.
  • Virtual Advisor SystemSet up your physical infrastructure to run a virtual or semi-virtual practice.
  • Virtual Advisor SystemHow to work with your compliance team.
  • Virtual Advisor SystemHow to build a robust online and digital presence that will drive inbound leads to you 24/7.
  • Virtual Advisor SystemHow to define and vet your “ideal client”.
  • Virtual Advisor SystemCreate an environment of trust & transparency where people will feel like they know you before ever speaking with you.
  • Virtual Advisor SystemA repeatable and tested virtual sales process that has clients asking to buy from you.
  • Virtual Advisor SystemBuild a virtual support team to make sure your business is running on all cylinders, all the time.

IMMEDIATE access upon purchase of the system

Virtual Advisor System

All 14 modules and 28 walkthroughs consisting of over 15 hours of video lessons

Virtual Advisor System

7 Bonuses

Virtual Advisor System

Lifetime membership – Whenever we make updates or improvements you
automatically have access at no additional cost.  You only pay once!

Virtual Advisor System

24/7 Access from anywhere in the world so you can learn on your time, regardless of where you are

Virtual Advisor System

Private active community of people taking the same journey so you can support and learn from each other

What you get after joining the virtual movement

  • Virtual Advisor SystemThe turn-key infrastructure I used to build my virtual business to acquire new clients and service existing clients, all while being able to work from anywhere and spending less money and time to do it
  • Virtual Advisor SystemHow to not only handle but excel at client service from anywhere
  • Virtual Advisor SystemHow to become a digital marketing ninja to start and exponentially grow your online presence
  • Virtual Advisor SystemHow to build a robust digital foot print that drives inbound leads on auto pilot
  • Virtual Advisor SystemHow to make sure everything you are doing is approved by compliance
  • Virtual Advisor SystemHow to build (find, hire, and manage) a virtual support team to do everything from answering the phone to managing your digital marketing

The entire system consists of videos, screen shares, walk-throughs,  scripts, and downloads with the specific instructions
on how to do everything it takes to build and run a successful virtual or semi-virtual business that drives lead generation for financial advisors

This is not a high-level, feel good coaching program that gets you excited, pats you on the back, and then leaves you to figure out what to do.

This system is as tactical as it gets, showing you exactly what you need to do.

By focusing first on YOUR motivation & inspiration the system quickly builds upon them by getting into the specific steps (nuts & bolts) of HOW to build a virtual business, all of which is driven by what is truly important to YOU.

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I’ve created the following bonuses as a way to jump start your virtual practice. They are actionable
ideas & examples you can use to get started today.

Virtual advisor system


Private Online Virtual Advisor Community

Learn with other advisors taking the same journey you are. Support, tips, best practices, etc. all through a private
LinkedIn Group that is updated regularly from me and other advisors like us.
Virtual advisor system


Virtual Mock Client Experience

Learn how to conduct virtual meetings by following the journey as I take a prospect from referral to becoming a client.
Virtual advisor system


Endless Warm Referrals – Virtually

My proven method to have an endless stream of warm referrals to work with.
Virtual advisor system


Collection of 3rd party articles

A collection of articles with loads of information from virtual best practices to tips on how to market yourself virtually.
Virtual advisor system


The New Jersey Experiment

A real-world case study on how I was contacted by a lead in New Jersey and how he ended up becoming a great client, all virtually.
Virtual advisor system


$5 million client in the morning, Surfing in the afternoon

How I was able to write business with a high net worth client in the morning and then go surfing in the afternoon, all while we were in different time zones.
Virtual advisor system


Going Virtual Recommended Resources Section and Cost Guide

Where to find all the things you will need and how much they will cost.

This system has the power to change everything about how you run your business; putting you in control of who you work with, how you work with them, to do it from virtually anywhere, and most importantly that you are able to do it without putting your own hopes, dreams, and goals aside.

Remember, put good in, get good out.

My team and I believe 100% in the value and power of The Virtual Advisor System™. If you embrace what you will learn, are willing to put in the work and effort, and ultimately take action then there is no reason why you cannot be successful using the Virtual Advisor System™.

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Enterprise solutions available for multiple advisors, please get in touch to inquire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Virtual Advisor System™ for?

This system is for financial advisors, registered representatives, and life insurance agents that range from independent RIA’s to IAR’s & B/D affiliations and captive agents who are looking to exponentially increase their income while drastically reducing their overhead by embracing the virtual or semi-virtual model to dominate in the digital world we live in while living the life of their dreams.

Who this system is NOT for?

If you think that clients will never work with and buy from you virtually, even though they buy almost everything else online, then this is not for you. If you expect it will be “easy” to build or transition your business into a virtual powerhouse without putting in real effort, then this is not for you. If you are looking for a band aid as a quick-fix to an already failing business then this is not for you.

Will the System work for my situation?

The System is Agnostic.  It is already being used by everyone from captive life insurance agents at large mutual life insurance companies to fully independent advisors and everyone in between.  You get to learn everything you need and then customize it all based upon your particular situation.  Virtually anyone can embrace the system!

Do I need to go entirely virtual?

No, not at all! This system is customizable and scalable to fit your comfort level and current business model. You can scale it up or down based upon your needs and always make changes in the future as you get more comfortable. If you are unsure, the easy way to transition is to start servicing your existing clients virtually, it is a great way to learn all the nuances of working virtually.

Is this system only for new financial professionals?

Certainly not. I ran a traditional brick & mortar business for 8 years before making the transition to a virtual business.

Do I need to travel to work as a virtual advisor?

No. Although I travel extensively each year for fun, and work while doing it, it does not mean that you must. You can just as easily work from your home, a small office, co-working space, or even a local coffee shop. The real value of this system is that it gives you great flexibility and more time to work with more people. You can get more done in less time. I choose to use my extra time to travel and spend time with my family, all while knowing I can grow and manage my business from anywhere. What you choose to do with your extra time is up to you!

Is it expensive to set up a virtual business?

Although you still need to spend money to set up and run a virtual business it is drastically less than what you currently are or would spend on the traditional model. I have been able to reduce my overhead by over 50% in adopting the virtual business model.

Why is The Virtual Advisor System™ less expensive than other systems and coaching programs?

By embracing a “virtual” mindset, Conneqtor was built using entirely virtual resources, thus the initial and ongoing operating expenses for Conneqtor – The Virtual Advisor System™ are less expensive which we pass on to you through a more competitive price.

Am I being shipped a physical product?

The entire system and course materials are offered as a digital product so you will not receive anything in the mail. Once you enroll you will be given direct, 24/7 access and instructions on how to get started right away.

How quickly can I expect results?

If you work hard, follow the system, and get out of your own way you can see results in as little as 30-60 days.

Is this a coaching program, will I have access to Derek?

I have designed the system to be virtually 100% DIY.  There is a ton of “coaching” in the system but Derek will not be conducting ongoing coaching of advisors.  Derek has put everything you will need to build and run a successful virtual business into this system and will continue to update it with new content and strategies after having tested and prove they work.  Derek will be available via email and involved in the private LinkedIn group to go over anything that comes up as you build your virtual practice.

I am not located in the USA, can I still use your system?

Yes! Although there may be some small tweaks depending on your country, tech, compliance, etc. the system was designed in a way where it can be used in virtually any environment.


HA – Steamboat Springs, CO

“As soon as our first meeting began, I felt at ease and the small list of questions I had were quickly discussed and crossed off. When the meeting was over, I had a better understanding of my financial situation than I ever had before. At the conclusion of our second meeting I knew I wanted you to manage my money. I’ve tried to come up with some constructive criticism, but I can’t think of anything. You always respond to my emails quickly, understand what I’m looking to do with my life and there was a positive connection from my perspective immediately. I felt like I’d known you for years. The process of working with you has been so seamless and smooth.”

MW – San Jose, CA

“We have had a great experience working with Derek virtually. Being able to meet with him virtually has allowed us to keep a
personal feel to our relationship and allowed for us to get to know each other and build a trusting relationship.”

CK – Nashville, TN

“My experience working with you in a virtual manner has been excellent. You use the minimal amount of communication and don’t bombard me with unnecessary stuff to make the process simpler.  I obtain the correct info promptly and in a timely manner to make easy decisions. I appreciate the precise and straightforward communication.”

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Class Curriculum

The Virtual Advisor Movement
The Virtual Advisor Movement More about me (my virtual story), why the industry needs to change and how it already has started to.
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The digital revolution of the last 20 years has drastically changed so many aspects of our lives. The financial services industry is a bit late to this party but is making up lost time by leaps & bounds. Consumers are demanding a new way of doing business, are you prepared for the future?
Module 1
We aren’t taught to pursue our hopes, dreams, and goals. We are taught to get an education, get a job, save money, and then someday do the things we want to do. Doesn’t this seem backwards? By defining your hopes, dreams, and goals for the future you are creating a real motivator to build a business that can help you achieve anything you desire. If done correctly, defining your hopes, dreams, and goals will help you with everything from your defining your brand and who your ideal client is to your processes and digital marketing messages. DO NOT SKIP OR GO THROUGH THIS MODULE TOO QUICKLY.
Module 2
Although you will be transitioning to a partial or all virtual business model there is still a physical infrastructure needed to maximize your potential as a virtual advisor. You will learn all you need to get the physical aspects of your virtual business in place in this module.
Module 3
Compliance is a very important aspect of the work we do. We must always protect our clients and their data and make sure the work we do satisfies the laws and polices we operate under. Learn what tools, processes, and best practices you can adopt to make sure your virtual business is always in compliance.
Module 4
In order to dominate in a digital world not only do we need to know who our “ideal client” is but where they are so we can market to them. The marketing systems of old no longer work in a digital world, thus it is crucial to learn the digital tactics and strategies needed to market yourself and your services to where people are.
Module 5
Who you work with used to be dependent on your physical location. Not anymore, you now can market to anyone, anywhere, as long as you first define who it is you want to market to. The importance of defining your “ideal client” cannot be overstated. No longer do you need to take a shotgun approach, but now you can take a laser focused one to work with people you truly want to help and enjoy getting along with. With big data at our fingertips we have the power to choose and vet the exact type of people we want to work with.
Module 6
Everything from creating content to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vitally important in order for you to capture the online audience you are looking to work with. In a world where virtually everything is available online it is important that your digital marketing strategy is not only defined but working in concert with everything else you are doing.
Module 7
In this module we continue to build upon the digital marketing infrastructure you have already put in place. As you will see you will now be able to further leverage the work, engagement, and following you have created to provide more value and opportunities to not only continue to grow your audience but give them the opportunity to flow through your digital marketing funnel to ultimately become clients.
Module 8
Regardless of what we, as consumers, buy we are most comfortable making purchases when we feel the source is trustworthy and that they have been transparent in the sales process. The same holds true for us as virtual advisors. Thus, it is crucial that your digital presence embraces this Model as a way of doing business; everything from marketing to servicing clients.
Module 9
The sales process, if done correctly, is really not all that different whether we are doing it in person or virtually. The virtual sales process is built upon some fundamental sales strategies that have worked for a very long time. By conducting meetings virtually, you have simply changed the medium from a kitchen table to a laptop. Learn my proven 4 meeting process that can be used with virtually any client to sell them virtually any product or service you offer. As a bonus, this module also includes a Mock Client Experience using the Virtual Sales Process so you can see me in action taking a prospect through the entire virtual process.
Module 10
When working virtually it is vitally important that we ensure a great client experience. We should not assume that their perspective will be the same as ours during our meetings and conducting business. The best way to get a prospect or client comfortable working with you in a virtual manner is to make sure you are comfortable.
Module 11
One of the great benefits of running a virtual business is that you no longer have the same needs and responsibilities of a traditional brick & mortar business. Building a virtual support team ensures you can run an efficient and profitable business while reducing your overhead drastically from the old model.
Module 12
Great service is one of the keys to running a successful business. By building a virtual support team and leveraging technology not only can you provide great service but you can excel at it without it becoming a drain on your business.
Module 13
You’ve done it! You have put in the time and effort to create the virtual business of your dreams, congratulations! Review everything you have learned on your virtual journey and see how to set up your “ideal schedule”, one that is mutually beneficial for you and your clients. Done correctly, running a virtual business improves the way of life for all involved.
Bonus Materials

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I created a special free E-Book called the The Financial Advisor Virtual Movement Proclamation to share my journey as a virtual advisor and where I see the industry going.  It is a vital read for financial advisors looking to dominate in a digital world while having an awesome life/work balance.”

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